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  • Image Compression

    Phast compresses images for optimal results and converts them to WebP format for browsers supporting it. Big images are automatically resized to appropriate dimensions.

    Phast applies extra compression to your images which makes the file size smaller without visible quality loss.

    For browsers that support the new WebP format from Google, Phast will convert the image to it for even greater compression.

    If used with width and height attributes, the image will be resized to that size. Gigantic images will be resized to a maximum width and height of 3840x2160 pixels otherwise.

    Tiny images will be inlined in your page and CSS, so they do not cause extra requests.

    Images are processed on the fly and the result is cached for best performance.

    Images are processed on Phast servers to save resources on your hosting.

    Image Compression
  • Asynchronous CSS and JS Loading

    Phast loads ALL your CSS and JavaScript files in a non-blocking asynchronous fashion, so the page can be rendered quicker.

    Phast will take care of loading your external CSS and JavaScript resources in a manner which will prevent blocking the rendering of your page.

    And don't worry about your scripts being broken by that. We use sophisticated loading techniques to guarantee your page works as it would normally do.

    Asynchronous CSS and JS Loading
  • Critical CSS Optimization

    Phast will analyze your page and the CSS it uses and will inline the critical part of the styles for instantaneous styled rendering.

    Many websites include a lot of large stylesheets. Most of them are used only partially.

    Phast will analyze both the page and the styles it uses and will inline the critical rules needed for its rendering.

    This way your page will have the styles it needs to make its initial render right away and everything else will be loaded only after the user is presented with your content.

    Critical CSS Optimization
  • Resources Request Bundling

    Phast will load as much CSS and JavaScripts as it can with one request!

    Instead of concatenating CSS and JS files in one, Phast combines the requests made to get them.

    This technique achieves the same result, plus the benefits of the ability to load a single resource that is missing or changed instead of the whole bundle.

    The downloaded resources are cached in the browser's storage and used when needed on other pages without making more requests.

    Resources Request Bundling
  • Leverage Browser Caching

    Phast will cache everything it can for as long as it can in your visitor's browser.

    Upon your visitor's initial use of a page resource Phast will instruct the browser to cache it for a really long time. This will reduce the requests needed for loading your page.

    Yet, Phast will detect when a resource changes and will refresh the client's version right away.

    Leverage Browser Caching
  • Optimized for Google PageSpeed

    Affect your Google ranking positively with shorter load times!

    Google takes into account your page speed when calculating your ranking.

    Phast has been developed especially with Google PageSpeed in mind and conforms to its requirements, thus giving you a boost in the ranking.

    Optimized for Google PageSpeed
  • Plugins for Multiple Systems

    Phast is adapted as a plugin for various PHP-based systems.

    You can get a Phast plugin for WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop and Shopware.

    If your system is not on the list or you have a custom built website, contact us.

    Plugins for Multiple Systems
  • Easy to Use

    Everything is automatic! Just install Phast and you are good to go!

    Upon installation, Phast will self-configure. There is no need for any complex set-up. You don't have to have a PhD in web sites.

    The admin panel provides you with easy-to-use on/off switches, so you can control the behavior of Phast, but most probably you won't need to use them.

    Just install and be amazed!

    Easy to Use
  • Preview Mode

    Check your site's behavior with Phast before launching to the public!

    If you are concerned about your site's correct behavior while using Phast, you can use the 'Enable for Administrators' option. This will allow you to examine your site with Phast on, but the optimizations will not be visible to your visitors. Then, when you are decided, enable the optimizations for everyone.

    Preview Mode

Phast plugins

Phast comes as a plugin for multiple systems

  • WordPress

  • Shopware

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  • Magento

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  • PrestaShop

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  • OpenCart

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  • Other System

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